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 Are you...


...inclined to be, or would like to be, a person who enjoys organizing and managing an enterprise, especially a business but...it usually involves considerable initiative and risk?


Been laid off, fired or just quit?  Still looking for a job? 

Retired, gone back to school or left the work force to take care of kids or another family member?


Highly skilled but working in a low paying job, or working in a low skill job, or maybe a part-time worker who would prefer to be full-time.


Given that any of the cases above apply...

Would you be led to at least ask questions about becoming an Education Entrepreneur or "EDU-preneur"

Where you could contribute mutually to yourself, the education system, as well as others of the nonprofit community, from your endeavors with a minimal investment?  Keeping in mind that...

It's Not All About ME...Money Earned.
It Is All About US...Understanding Stewardship!

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