Local Merchants



Participating? Sponsoring?

Local merchant involvement and support is certainly a required element in support of community interests and, therefore, the GOTO-Team.  

A vehicle is needed to allow the closing of the loop between local merchants, local residents and local nonprofit beneficiaries through a growing marketplace that promotes everything from daily deals to unique experiences...things that concerned citizens do use on a regular basis. 

Additional reading indicates some local merchants are spending 100% of their budgets on hyperlocal advertising with some “free” and “no upfront cost” opportunities being very attractive alternatives.  Again, retention of loyal local customers could/should support community interests and retain additional funds within a given locality.

Local merchants might be looking for an inexpensive way to communicate directly to their loyal customers through a permission-based marketing system so local customers can specifically request products/services, all the while maintaining that local community connection to nonprofit services. 

Refer to the "Tools" tab for suggestions on how to incorporate your interests into the GOTO-Team as a...

Participating Merchant...supply a self-defined internet coupon with focus on local consumers/supporters of the GOTO-Team.  Enrollment is free.

Sponsoring Merchant...also sponsors a referral position on the GOTO-Team.