Individuals Merchants Nonprofits

How do we orchestrate these parts into this band we call the


There are several "instruments" that lend themselves to the "harmonies" offered by the GOTO community of individuals, local merchants and benefiting nonprofits.

The "percussion" section consists of the opportunity for individuals/ nonprofits to establish an Irrevocable Charitable Trust (ICT) to receive all proceeds and, therefore, alleviate concerns over Unrelated Business Income which might otherwise be taxable or risk loss of 501c3 status. Send Feedback if this opportunity might be of interest for further discussion.  

Geauga examples include:

Chardon Tutoring and Mentoring ICT 
Chardon Ministry and Outreach ICT
Chardon Historical Preservation and Restoration ICT
OEARTS ICT for the Ohio Endowment for Art, Music and Physical Education 

Fund-generating opportunities deemed appropriate after extended study :

  • The foundation instrument for the Team is the 2by2foryou Basic Membership Package.  As success is realized at this level of membership, additional opportunities are opened to increase benefits to all members of the GOTO-Team, including the charitable trusts.

    • Transcends what might otherwise be socio-economic barriers to participation.
    • Membership in the 2by2foryou Basic Package is only $25 one time.  It grants access to franchise/major coupon opportunities as well as local merchant coupons which can be used to offset the membership costs.
    • Local merchants may join and participate in the GoTo-Team coupon club by supplying coupons online to individual members with like-minded community interests.
    • Local merchants may also become sponsors in the coupon club by subscribing to the $5 membership themselves with or without supplying a coupon opportunity.
    • $4 of the $5 membership is returned to the GOTO-Team... consisting of the nonprofit ICT's, individuals and sponsoring merchants.
    • For those interested in this Basic Package...and have a particular charitable interest related to the above ICT's, they may register via the following links:

              • https://ctamict.freewaytosuccess.net

              • https://ccmoict.freewaytosuccess.net

              • https://chprict.freewaytosuccess.net

              • https://ftsoearts.freewaytosuccess.net


    • PeopleHelpingPeopleWorldwide: a global effort to help millions earn a substantial income from home PLUS help people with charitable contributions in support of their local communities. As a member, with a single one-time payment you have the ability to designate the charity of your choice while enjoying the benefits of team membership.  Yep, that's right, you dictate where to send your donations.  You also have the opportunity to further support the NE Ohio community through choosing your sponsor at one of the below links:






    An additional opportunity for any potential members desiring a web presence, similar to this work of art, is Global Domains International. Once again, this is an opportunity for generating funds for the Good-Of-The-Order.  Entrepreneurial individuals, nonprofits, and businesses desiring web presence would also have the opportunity to offset the $10/month membership.